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Important - Before Installing the Package

These notes apply to the package HBZCard which is a Compact Flash card and Network taskbar applet for the Sharp Zaurus PDA. It has been tested on the SL-C3100 (Borzoi), mainly running the Sharp ROM, and to a lesser extent using Cacko. The cards used for testing (apart from normal data/memory CF cards) were an Audiovox RTM-8000(P) GSM/GPRS modem, a TRENDnet TE-CF100 Fast Ethernet Adaptor, a Netgear MA701 802.11b Wireless, and a "Blue Monkey" Bluetooth.

It is intended to replace both the standard Compact Flash card monitor implemented as and the network monitor implemented as so if you rely on these for any 'special' services you may want to read more about HBZCard before installing it. Having said that, the installation only deletes the symbolic links in /opt/QtPalmtop/plugins/applets/ (the actual code is in /usr/QtPalmtop.rom/plugins/applets/), and, of course, uninstalling replaces the links. ;-)
On Cacko, the very first time I installed it, all the other applet icons disappeared (until reloaded) which I presume is to do with the Applet Manager, but subsequent removes and installs worked OK(?).

Despite the warnings above, I really would like people to try it out, and give me some feedback. I wrote it originally for my personal requirement with almost everything hard-coded, and only subsequently tried to make it more flexible. However if there is any interest from others, I would be happy to incorporate any suggestions that do not detract from its original purpose.

Also, if there is any interest, I want to make the source available. I am at the moment trying to tidy it up, add comments, and make it a bit more configurable.

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